Rock Haiku

Metamorphic rocks.

They form from pressure and heat.

Gneiss, slate, and quartzite.

-class poem

Minerals and Rocks

They are found in the Earth's crust.

Sandstone, limestone, shale

by Feng

Igneous rocks are

rocks that form from melted rock.

Granite is one kind.

-Sarah M

Rocks and Minerals

Many rocks are minerals

like gold, talc, and quartz

-Sarah W

Minerals form rocks.

One mineral is quartz.

Quartz are shiny, clear


Metamorphic rock

Quartzite feels like white sugar

Slate looks like smooth glass.

-Cody Sw



Wind and ice break up the rocks

at the ocean floor


Metamorphic rocks

They cannot move in the wind

They can be too big.


Metamorphic rocks

heat, pressure change but do not melt

They also change shape.


Metamorphic rocks,

There are four types of these rocks:

One of them is Gneiss.



Rocks form from broken up rocks

Sandstone, shale, and coal


Igneous are rocks.

This rock is a mineral.

Basalt and granite



They break up and form others.

Flint, Coal, Shale, and stone


Igneous rocks form.

Rocks harden and cool to form igneous.

Granite, gabbro, quartz


Rocks, rocks, rocks, rocks, rocks

Big rocks, small ones, rocks, rocks, rocks

Form by heat, pressure.


Its called slate and gneiss

Pressure and heat form them all.

Metamorphic rocks!



Often in streams, sediments

Gypsum and rock salt



Layers of sandstone and shale

gypsum and rock salt


Mineral and rocks

They can be found in caves.

Igneous rocks form



Water, wind, and ice break up rocks.

Limestone, Shale and Coal


Metamorphic rocks

Sedimentary Rocks too

igneous rocks too


All igneous rocks,

they form from hardened magma.

Mine is in a box.