The Enormous Crocodile

by: Roald Dahl

Section 2: pages 20-42


Discussion Director

   Your job is to come with 5 thinking questions.  You need to write the answers to your questions, and the page numbers where your peers can reference the text to justify their responses to your questions.

    When developing your questions, think about Enormous Crocodile's experiences while pretending to be a tree, a seesaw, part of the merry-go-round, and the bench at the picnic table.  You may also choose to ask questions about some of Enormous Crocodile's problems in this section of the book abd the attempts he makes to accomplish his goals.


Passage Picker

    Your job is to choose 3 passages from the assigned reading.  Your passages should include 3 of the following types of passages:

~1 Important

~1 Descriptive


Write down the page number and paragraph number of the passage, the first and last two words of the passages, and the reason you choose this passage (make sure you explain why!).  Then, ask a question about your passage and give an answer.  Finally, answer one of the following two questions:  Why did the author include this passage in the story?  What does this passage add to the story?


Word Wizard

    Your job is to complete the Word Wizard for the following three words:

~knobbly p.24 par.1

~disappeared p.26 par.1

~waddled p.27 par.1

Then complete the following vocabulary activities:

Word Networks

        What people, things, situations, or words come to mind when you think about the word knobbly?


Oval: knobbly




Word Associations

        Which words might go with disappeared ? Why?

        Which words might go with waddled? Why?


Sentence Stems/Idea Completions

        The Enormous Crocodile waddled back into the bushes to hide because _____________.


Character Sketcher

    Your job is to complete a Character Sketcher for Muggle Wump.


Internet Investigator

    Go to this website: <>

Answer each question and be sure to print out a copy of your answers.  Click on "Check Answers" link at the bottom to submit your answers for the contest.


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